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As mental health professionals we are very aware of the role stress plays in our clients' lives. Many of our clients present with complaints related to stressful life situations. These can be troubled relationships at home, problems with co-workers or supervisors, loneliness or feeling overwhelmed. Help is often sought when the situation reaches crisis proportions. Unfortunately, reversing the damage then is a difficult undertaking.


Through years of witnessing these patterns we became convinced that people need help in acquiring communication skills and the earlier the better! We aim to help you recognize past injurious behaviors and learn healthier ways to be with yourself and others.


Good communication is one of the essential building blocks of healthy relationships.


Why the Real Communication Workshop?

  • Geared to individuals who are interested in improving their communication skills at home and/or at work

  • Small group sizes ensure individual attention, safe environment

  • Sessions every other week provide opportunity for learning and cementing better communication habits

  • Covered by OHIP except for a modest administration fee


Why develop your communication skills

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