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Program description

To better our communication and deepen our relationships, we start our journey from within. Through increasing self-awareness, we clarify our values and goals. We learn to recognize our triggers and where and how we get stuck in our ruts. We learn to listen to our true voice and allow it to guide us.  As we learn to appreciate and trust ourselves, we make better choices in the way we communicate and relate with others.


Another part of the workshop is dedicated to recognizing how we choose to convey our message. We  become aware of both the intended and unintended impact we have. This may be through our words, body language, mood, or underlying beliefs. We also learn about allowing for perspectives and flexibility. We explore listening to understand rather than to respond. Dysfunctional modes of communication are addressed and alternative responses practiced. 

Finally, celebrating each other will be presented as an integral part of the skill set toward improved communication. 

All of the meetings in this course are contextually based. Concepts are presented and learned through experiential exercises. These allow for greater understanding and enable transformative experiences.

As with any new skill, practice is essential. Participants will be expected to read and/or watch  complementary material, experiment with newly acquired skills between sessions and reflect on their experience in the group.

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