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Communication and the workplace 

What makes for a great working environment?

Much like in an intimate relationship, trust, respect and openness are essential ingredients as is good communication.


From the first contact, honest and real exchange allow for finding the right fit between one’s career goals and the company’s vision. When you believe in what the company does, you are more likely to do your best. When your bosses believe in you, you will have more autonomy and opportunity. Good communication within your team with clear job descriptions, tasks and desired outcomes allow for a sense of good team work and appreciation of everyone’s contribution.


At Real Communication we introduce the concept of a Designed Alliance, creating an environment in which to safely work towards a more fulfilled relationship. We teach and practice being open and honest with others allowing all  to contribute and shine. You will learn to optimize relationships by asking questions such as:


"What’s going well in our relationship right now?”, “ What’s going less well?” and: “What do we need to change to get the most out of this relationship?"


An example of designing your alliance in the workplace is you asking your manager for frequent feedback on a current project as the one helpful thing the manager can do for you, while the manager may ask you to have the project ready on time as the most important marker for him/her. 


We also guide participants through group exercises teaching techniques for emotional regulation, gaining a wider perspective in a situation, taking responsibility for one’s own demeanor and mood, learned curiosity, active listening and more.


Whether you are an employee or an employer, we will teach you how to put your best foot forward at your workplace. We hope you will be an example and an inspiration to your co-workers.

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