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Communication and relationships

Some of us experience that special magic at the start of a romantic relationship. Others grow into their loving relationship. No matter how we get there, we all know that a real bond takes commitment and hard work.

Most of us need some help with acquiring the necessary skills. At Real Communication we give you a solid foundation from which to build a better relationship.

The bricks and mortar of all good relationships are: trust, openness, respect for your partner and for yourself. Other important skills include: listening in order to understand rather than listening to win, empathy, allowing for other perspectives to be considered, clarity, and ability to self-regulate when emotionally upset. These are all skills that we will help you acquire in the Real Communication workshop.

A common scene is when one person in the couple is angry and disappointed about the action of the other. For example: Tom is thirty minutes late to meet Ann. Ann is fuming. When he arrives, she tears into him. There are many ways to try and understand the event. Does Ann perceive that Tom doesn’t care? Did they misunderstand each others’ expectations? Do they have different values around timeliness? Did Tom have a valid reason for being late but did not have a chance to express it? Is Tom often late? Is Ann 8 months pregnant and too tired to stand around? Does this delay mean they cannot go into the show they got those expensive tickets to? Is this Ann’s birthday?

At Real Communication we explore the relevant elements such as  clarity, values, perspectives, flexibility, empathy, listening, emotional regulation and conflict management. Addressing any combination of these can go a long way towards bringing Tom and Ann to a happier place.

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