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Communication and parenting

“Small kids small problems, big kids big problems”


Despite this popular saying, we, at Real Communication, meet people who face stressful interactions in the home at any age and any stage.

Parenting problems involve many elements. Parenting style is one example where one partner may be more of a disciplinarian while the other wishes to be a friend rather than a parent to the children. Another is priorities and goals in raising children.                         Being on the same page as your mate, makes life so much easier!


One’s temperament affects how you interact with others and what home atmosphere feels right to you. If you like peace and quiet while your partner is more rambunctious, you may have to allow for these differences and create space for both in your home. 


Another element is your individual baggage. What messaging did you absorb from your family of origin that influences how you behave in your present family? Is this helpful? Are you aware of it? Is your partner?

Communication is an essential element that permeates all.


After completing our workshop, you will be well on the road to understanding yourself, listening to your core values, recognizing old baggage and resisting these undermining voices, modulating your strong negative emotions, and celebrating the good moments in each day.


You will find you are better able to listen and understand your family members, to remain curious about and validating of their experiences. You will be amazed to see how a shift in you will have an effect on the entire family.

Happy shifting !

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