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Communication and Loneliness & Isolation

Loneliness is a sense of being disconnected from others and lacking in meaningful relationships.

This is extremely common in our society. Often it is caused by life changes such as moving away to university, starting a new job, having a baby or retiring.


Some people feel lonely much of the time no matter what. Perhaps they are introverts by nature; perhaps they try to “fly under the radar” as they expect rejection or ridicule from others;

Some may have internalized a message such as: “If you don’t have anything important to say, don’t say anything” and, as a result, developed unrealistically high standards for themselves in social situations.

No matter how this social hesitancy/withdrawal came to be, it leaves us feeling inhibited, removed and self- conscious.


At Real Communication, you will start to find your own voice. Through self-exploration, you will separate negative, learned messages from your true feelings and values. As you become comfortable with yourself, it will become less scary for you to let others in. You will learn to really be with others. Through active listening, curiosity, acceptance of various perspectives, and an honest, non-judgemental attitude, you will have real life opportunity to connect with others. They, sensing your interest and your willingness to open up to them,reciprocate and a real intimacy is developed.


For us as facilitators, the real magic of a Real Communication workshop, is watching a group of complete strangers become, in a very short time, a group of people who cherish and seek each other’s company.

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